In 1993 D.veci was firstly founded on a production site of about 2000 m2. Due to increasing demand and production capacity in line with new production techniques we moved to our new site with 3700 m2. We are supplying important international brands and thus belong to the trustworthy manufacturers of customized metal accessories. The D.Veci Sales and Marketing Team provides multilingual and competent service with amazing product know how. Our products are certificated with the OekoTex Standard 100 ISTO 081728. Furthermore; our label D.Veci is a registered and protected trade mark in Europe with the entry in the German Trademark and Patent Office since 2016 (Marke Nr. 30 2016 212 118 Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt). Our Research and Development department is in charge of environmentally friendly production techniques which is also maintained for new product developments. A professional and well-coordinated Team of masters are responsible for the production of leather articles e.g. leather belts (PU fake and genuine leather), leather trims, leather labels, leather bracelets, hang tags etc. The team of designers who take care of the design and finishing of fashion jewelry personify international trendiness. The company D.Veci offers professional articles for different branches of the textile industry.

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